Do you own laces that are low quality, has no assortments and are boring? Well you've come to the right place! Let me introduce to you, the unbreakable, Bondi Laces.  Bondi Laces, are made with great skill and high quality materials, which not only highlights their work but also guarantees that it will last long for years to come. Don't believe so? Well they also offer you a 10 year adventurers guarantee! You can't pass that. They are available in over 100 unique colours and patterns all reinforced with copper tips in either silver, gold or rose gold. Immediately, you know that each shoelace are made with love and care. 

Speaking of love and care, with every pair sold, it will provide one month's education to children in need.  Bondi Laces have recently partnered with Pencils of Promise to provide this life changing initiative to kids around the world by setting a goal to provide one million months of education by 2020. So why not start now and do your deed buy purchasing a 'fun' and 'high quality' shoe lace! You can also help fund them though their kickstarter
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Bondi Laces.