With my candle collection getting larger and larger, I have to say, eKhi candles is one of my most favoured addition. The power of social media has allowed me to explore and support local stores, like ekhi Candles. If you haven't noticed already, The Weekend Avenue is one for supporting local businesses and working together. 

eKhi Candles is proudly owned and run by a local business located in Melbourne in whom stocks luxury soy candles. Each candle is naturally made with soy wax and does not contain paraffin (a white or colourless soft solid derivable from petroleum or coal) and cotton lead wicks. This is a great addition to the product, as it will provide a cleaner and healthier burn for both the environment and you. 

eKhi Candles offer a wide range of scents by using the highest quality fragrances. One of my favourite scent from eKhi Candles is Vanilla. Vanilla is honestly one of my favourite scents where I cannot go a day burning it. It is simply indulging through a rich blend of luxurious vanilla beams, whipped with top notes of sweet butterscotch. If that doesn't sound good enough, it lasts up to fifty five (55) hours of burn time. 

To top it off, eKhi Candles packages its products through elegance and luxury. This would be perfect for self indulging or as a gift.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.
Photography by Lianna Van